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build your film's financial structure the right way

Tools built to produce your film more effectively than ever before.

1. Sign up for Cinelaunch as a producer
2. Set-up your producer profile
3. Set-up your first project page
4. (If applicable) Request to be give access to the capital-raising portal to set-up your film project for investors to start exploring the opportunity
5. Work with us to outline specifics (total raise, percentage of equity, timeframe, marketing strategy, waterfall, etc.)
6. Launch your film into the Cinelaunch ecosystem, utilize pre-production finance tools, get your film to production quickly & efficiently.
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1. Just Sign up,
2. Fund Your Account,
3. Explore Active Opportunities,
4. Track Your Performance Overtime

Utilizing Cinelaunch, this opens top-tier motion pictures up as investable asset class + unlocks the ability to sell off your positions in the secondary market, making this formerly illiquid asset liquid.
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Why Choose Cinelaunch?

for  partners

For Producers:

Financing a film is a convoluted, extremely inefficient process at every level.

We simplify, systemize and streamline the entire film producing
and financing process utilizing modern technology and
advanced mechanics to leverage the motion picture
opportunity as a proper liquid asset class.

For Investors:
‍CINELAUNCH makes the process of vetting through QUALIFIED film projects incredibly efficient.
For a projects to even be admitted access: They need to go through a series of approval processes.

The Simple Appeal:
-Diversified Alternative Asset Class
-Startup-Esque "Rocket Ship" Potential Returns
-An Investment Class With an Emotional Resonance
Component (Film is Art After All)

-Immediate Tax Deduction To Offset Capital Gains,
Investment Income & More Utilizing Section 181

For Development Partners:
CINELAUNCH is a way to bring immense value and a streamlined workflow to film projects at every level.

For Film Festivals:
‍Connecting category winners to the p is a massive value-add
that will incentivize more filmmakers to take their work to the next level.

For Film Distributors:
A partnership structured properly allows investors to potentially break even before production even begins.
This mitigates risk on our end and the distribution end, both bringing our strengths to the table in order
to create the most beneficial outcome.